petra paul

et al.

hidden abject โ€“ dedicated to... for...



30 x 40 cm

Julia Kristeva: Powers of Horror

Joan C. Chrisler: The Menstrual Mark: Menstruation as Social Stigma



Thank you so much, Petra!  We are honored. 

The series is beautiful and engaging - not at all "abject."  :-)



Joan C. Chrisler, Ph.D, is Professor of Psychology at Connecticut College, New London

Ingrid Johnston-Robledo: The Menstrual Mark: Menstruation as Social Stigma

Gislind Nabakowsky: Frauen in der Kunst

Marilyn French: The Women's Room


Marilyn French was a feminist writer.


Temma Balducci: The Elephant in the Room

Chistina von Braun: Blut und Tinte

Ashly S. Patterson: The Menstrual Body

Louise Knauß: Menstruationshygiene

Harry Finley: The Museim of Menstruation and Women's Health


Danke schoen, liebe Petra für die Widmung! Das freut mich!



Sören Fröhlich: Bloody Art: Menstrual Artists, Trump, and the Material Image



∅ 30 cm

Petra Mattheis: Be Bloody Bold & Resolute

Lisl Matzer: Menstruella


Danke vielmals, ich fühl mich geehrt!!



Ophira Avisar: Legitimation


Oh Petra thanks

What is this round object made of?

It is very tender

I like it.

The cuts look good

Oh the femininity

So Misterious

So complex



Jen Lewis & Rob Lewis: Beauty in Blood


Petra! you are too kind and creative! I love the new series! :-)


Kiki Smith: Untitled (Train)